The Codes

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An Essay on Bylaws, with an Appendix Containing Model Bylaws Issued by the Board of Trade, The Education Department, and the Local Government Board William Golden Lumley 1877 England This is a book of model by laws, including regulations pertaining to new streets and buildings.
Commons Act 1879 Parliament 1879 England - London Surplus rents (profits) from recreation grounds can only be applied to improvements of recreation grounds in that neighborhood, maintaining that commons, or purchasing additional land for recreation grounds in that neighborhood.
Congested Districts Act 1897 Parliament 1897 Scotland Created the Congested Districts Board to administer funds to develop agriculture and industry as well as improve infrastructure such as streets and bridges to facilitate migration out of cities.
General Building Law of Saxony Building Police, Saxony 1900 Saxony, Germany General Building Law of Saxony, Quoted in The Improvement of the Dwellings and Surroundings of the People: The Example of Germany, by T.C. Horsfall, 1904.
Housing of the Working Classes Act Parliament 1890 England - London This act consolidated a series of housing acts during a period of social reform in the late 1800s that aimed to decrease density in overcrowded areas. Overcrowding was officially defined as having more than two persons per room and city records of percent overcrowded were kept. The act contained three sections: (1) neighborhood clearance and redevelopment, (1) individual housing inspection and demolition, and (3) new social housing development.
Metropolitan Commons Act 1878 Parliament 1878 England - London Extends the Commons act to Metropolitan (the London boroughs) Commons.
Public Health Acts 1875 William Cunningham Glen and Alexander Glen 1875 England - London This act consolidated all acts related to public health in England including regulations for water infrastucture, streets and buildings, public space, and street lighting.
Report from the Poor Law Commissioners on an Inquiry into the Sanitary Conditions of the
Labouring Population of Great Britain Edwin Chadwick 1842 England This famous report of health conditions of the poor in London helped the passage of the Public Health Act of 1848.
Settled Land Act 1882 Parliament 1882 Ireland The purpose of this act was to promote development and maintenance of privately owned land (much of which was neglected). The act enumerated several improvements that could be financed with Capital Trust Money including transportation, infrastructure, residential, commons, and waterways.
The London Building Acts Fletcher, Banister 1894-1914 England - London The London building acts, including the London building act, 1894; the amendment acts of 1898 and 1905; L.C.C. general power acts, 1908 and 1909; the Cinematograph act, 1909; Town planning act, etc.; a tect-book on the law relating to building in the metropolis, for the use of acrchitects, surveyors, builders, etc. together with the current by-laws, standing orders, and regulations of the London County council, the corporation of the city of London.
Towns Improvement Clauses Act 1847 Parliament 1847 England & Ireland Regulations for: Sewers, House Drains, Paving, New Streets, Naming Streets, Ruinous or Dangerous Buildings, Cleansing Streets, Fire, Ventilation, Lodging Houses, Lighting, Water, Slaughter-houses.
Vienna Building Code - Bauordnung für die k.k. Reichsstadt und Residenzstadt Wien Austro-Hungary Goverment 1859 Austria - Vienna Building code for the city of Vienna, the first in the nineteenth century. Includes codes related to street widths, heights of buildings, size of courts, etc.