The Codes

Titlesort icon Author Date Place Description
1932 Classification of Buildings Committee on Types of Dwellings of the President Conference on Home Building and Home Ownership 1932 United States This table provides a classification of building forms for single-family, two-family, and multi-family dwellings.
Forest Hills Gardens Sage Foundation Homes Company 1911 United States - Queens, NY This declaration comprises restrictions set for the subdivision developments of Forest Hills in Queens.
Hampstead Garden Suburb Act The Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust 1906 England - London The act was passed to overcome the restrictions imposed by the bye-laws regulated the neighborhood character by defining widths of roads and drives, relationships of houses with each other, and their distance to roads, etc.
Housing and Town Planning in Great Britain, including the Housing, Town Planning Act W. Addington Willis 1910 England This treatise by Willis explains the (British) Housing and Town Planning Act of 1909, along with the Housing of the Working Classes act of 1890 and amendments provided in the Housing of the Working Classes Act of 1903. The text of each of these laws is provided as appendices.
Orlando, Florida City Plan Harlan, Bartholomew & Associates 1926 United States - Orlando, FL This is an early plan for Orlando, FL, fairly typical of Bartholomew's work. It includes some ordinances for development.
Planning Neighborhoods for Small Houses Federal Housing Administration 1938 United States This bulletin attempts to set forth planning principles to be followed for neighborhoods that are financially secure and attractive as well as enjoyable and satisfying. Of specific concern are neighborhoods for low priced dwellings.
Planning Profitable Neighborhoods Federal Housing Administration 1938 United States These principles were presented as the fundamental principles and standards for developers to make communities more desirable places. They regulate street layouts as well as land uses in neighborhoods.
Public Health Acts Amendment Act, 1907 Governmental documents 1907 Ireland Numerous acts dealing with public health were passed from 1849 to 1874; This one includes regulations on streets and buildings.
Shaker Heights Village Standards Van Sweringen Brothers 1928, 2nd ed. United States - Shaker Heights Village, OH Design standards for an exemplary early suburb.
Successful Subdivisions Federal Housing Administration 1940 United States This bulletin attempts to set forth planning principles for subdivisions for low-cost houses to provide economy and protection against neighborhood blight. These principles are stated to be adjustable to meet various site conditions.
The London Building Acts Fletcher, Banister 1894-1914 England - London The London building acts, including the London building act, 1894; the amendment acts of 1898 and 1905; L.C.C. general power acts, 1908 and 1909; the Cinematograph act, 1909; Town planning act, etc.; a tect-book on the law relating to building in the metropolis, for the use of acrchitects, surveyors, builders, etc. together with the current by-laws, standing orders, and regulations of the London County council, the corporation of the city of London.
The Neighborhood Unit Clarence Perry 1929 United States - New York These sections present principles and schemes for residential districts with different characters. Perry describes how “the neighborhood unit” should look like for a fulfilling community.
Village of Euclid Zoning Ordinance Village of Euclid, Ohio 1922 Euclid, Ohio This is the original zoning code of Euclid, Ohio, which was the basis of the 1926 U.S. Supreme Court case.