Title: Performance Zoning

Author: Lane Kendig with Susan Connor, Cranston Byrd, and Judy Heyman

Date: 1980

Publisher: Planners Press



Kendig, L. et. al. (1980). Performance Zoning. Washington, DC: Planners Press.


Section 5200. Residential Use Regulations (pp. 223-229).

Description: This is the manual that introduced the concept of performance zoning. It includes a complete model ordinance.

Assessment: From http://planningwiki.cyburbia.org/Performance_zoning: "There are advantages to the performance zoning approach. In some ways it requires less administrative involvement, since variances, appeals and re-zonings are not necessary. It also gives more flexibility both to the municipality and to the developer, allowing more of a range of land uses, as long as their impact is not negative....A primary disadvantage of performance zoning is that as a result of its flexibility it is subject to a steeper learning curve."