Title: Public Health Acts Amendment Act, 1907

Author: Governmental documents

Date: 1907

Publisher: the U.K. Government



public domain; available here


Introduction, and Part II, Streets and buildings

Description: Numerous acts dealing with public health were passed from 1849 to 1874; This one includes regulations on streets and buildings.

Assessment: The 1907 Public Health Act Amendments Act applied to England, Wales and Ireland. The original Irish public health act was from 1878, and based largely on the 1875 British one. It contains a section on streets and buildings. Like the 1875 Act, it lays out the elements municipal authorities could use for code regulations. In general, the act empowered the local government board to make regulations on a variety of issues. There are two specifics: (p108) in the case of any building constructed at the intersection of two streets local authorities can require (with compensation) the corner of the building at the intersection to be rounded or splayed, either up to the first floor, or through the whole building. (114) to ensure adequate ventilation, entrances to courts cannot be closed, nor their heights lowered. More importantly, this act adds to the earlier act by allowing local authorities to regulate the height of buildings (although, again, it leaves the specifics to the municipality).