Enter The Neighborhood : coral Gables, FL

This house on Alcazar was chosen because it has a porte-cochere on the side for parking, and a "Hollywood" planted driveway strip, both common to the neighborhood. Click here to pop up the 1926 Use and Height Maps and the 2008 Zoning Map for the neighborhood. Click here to pop up selections from past-present-future architectural standards and guidelines.





Coral Gables: The Spanish "Architectural Type"
West of LeJeune Road on Alhambra Circle and Alcazar Avenue

The City of Coral Gables was established in 1925, after pioneering developer George E. Merrick was no longer involved. In 1926 the City adopted its first zoning ordinance.

The ordinance names several "Architectural Type Districts," referring to the Villages that Merrick planned. Some of these were built, some partially built, and some not at all. Our study area is within the oldest residential area of the City, and falls under the category of "Spanish," a subset of the Mediterranean Revival style. ("Type" is arguably a misnomer, though there are some typological differences among the Districts regarding walled housing.)